Daily Media Are Zombies Real

CreepyPasta With Cheese Are Zombies Real? For a long time we've been fascinated with the idea of what it would be like in a zombie apocolypse. Well, maybe not lately but there was a time when zombies had all the rage. Find out the history and the science of this possbily happening in a real … Continue reading Daily Media Are Zombies Real

Daily Media Mount San Cristobal Evil Place

Two places parallel from one another located in the mountains of the Philippines. Find out why one place could be one of the most paranormal places on earth. And how another could grant people better things in their lives. https://www.facebook.com/AntonioWestleyFanpage/videos/399948817940796/ Start 2021 off with good graces by supporting this video with views of support my … Continue reading Daily Media Mount San Cristobal Evil Place

Daily Media Clinton Road Most Haunted Route

Daily Media Clinton Road Most Haunted Route Many stories of haunted areas tend to usually be from homes and buildings. However, you hardly heard about ghostly roads. Find out more about what’s considered the most haunted route in America today by checking out this video. https://www.facebook.com/AntonioWestleyFanpage/videos/vb.307521662682903/153668956244428/?type=3&theater Feel free to support this video and my fanpage! … Continue reading Daily Media Clinton Road Most Haunted Route