Strange Disappearances In The World

CreepyPasta With Cheese Strange

There are plenty of cases of vanishings that happen worldwide. But there is also the weird and bizarre side of this subject. Find out about the strange disappearances that probably happen every other day with out us knowing. This video will tackle that premise while providing a couple of cases that you may already know.

Or not, there’s only one way to find out!


Slender Man Psychological Manifestation

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Slender Man

CreepyPasta With Cheese Slender Man A Psychological Manifestation?

This urban legend has been one of the more popular myths of the last twenty years. But, apparently it was nothing more than a made up concept by CreepyPasta writers online. With a blank slate that creatives could build a story behind. However, the character some how took off in popularity in ways that even managed to land it a film.

Unfortunately, this attention wouldn’t come with out some downsides. As there were unfortunate circumstances that took place because of this myth. The mystery of how such a thing could have happened has it theories. This slender man video has taken a crack at what it could possibly be. Since there are plenty of unsolved and mysterious things that happen in the world. So find out by checking it out here and don’t forget to support this channel.

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Daily Media Are Zombies Real

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Are  Zombies Real

For a long time we’ve been fascinated with the idea of what it would be like in a zombie apocolypse. Well, maybe not lately but there was a time when wondering if this was real had all the rage. Find out the history and the science of this possbily happening in a real world scenario by checking out this video.

Are  Zombies Real

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Daily Media Creepy Clown Sightings Return?

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Creepy Clown Sightings Return
Creepy Clown Sightings Return

Find out the origin of this story and if these sightings are still happening in 2020 by checking out this video!

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